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Research shows that students say their parents help them make key career decisions, with many also adding that their parents have the most influence on their career decisions.

Yet, many parent/carers say they don’t know where to get accurate online information to help them support their child

Below are a number of useful links to help you. Some have ‘quizzes’ to help start discussions about types of careers if your child has no idea about what to do.

How to help your child with their future career plans…

  • Sit down with your child, encourage self-awareness (what skills and qualities do they have/could they develop) and for them to explore their options.
  • Talk about career ideas and future plans.
  • Research a wide range of careers.
  • Make the most of their Career Guidance Interviews they have in years 11-13 with our Independent Connexions Careers Advisor.
  • Find out about entry requirements for school, college and university courses or jobs they are interested in.
  • Keep an eye on changes in education, job trends and LMI (Labour Market Information).

Try to…

  • Be open minded, try not to judge or criticise.
  • Do not answer a query if you are not sure about it. It’s ok to take time, research or seek professional help.

Be aware…

  • Your child may change their career interest as they become aware of more option choices
  • Many employers look at people’s on-line profiles so remind your child to be careful when using social media

You can support your child:

  • When they are making option choices in year 9, post 16 and post 18
  • With finding and participating in work experience
  • By encouraging them to make the most of their Careers Guidance Interviews in years 11-13
  • By encouraging them to participate in appropriate extra-curricular and out of school activities to develop a range of skills
  • By encouraging them to find out about the world of work and labour market information

Success at School’s Career Guide Book:
Success at Schools have produced a free ‘Careers for Parents and Carers – Helping Your Child Begin Their Career Journey’ ebooklet packed with advice from university to work experience to apprenticeships.

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Success at School


  • Target Careers: Great information and guidance for parents to help their children explore career options
  • Target Careers: Great information and guidance for parents to help their children explore career options
  • National Careers Service: Includes general career information, career prediction software and an A-Z of job profiles
  • icould: From accountants to zookeepers watch videos of real people in employment and learn what they like about the job and how they got into it in the first place.
  • SACU: An all-purpose career site with information about your choices for the future. You must register to use this site.
  • WorkBox: Search for advice and guidance on a wide range of career options.
  • Step into the NHS – Test to determine which careers in the NHS would suit you.
  • BBC Bitesize – Career ideas
  • Success at Schools – Find information on the world of work today and how to support your child in being prepared for their future career use this link to get tailored information direct to your inbox
  • Career Companion – This website now has a section for parents and careers, with seven sub-sections ranging across apprenticeships, HE, LMI, choices, and more.
  • Parental Guidance – LMI
  • Parental Guidance – Making Choices
  • Career Pilot – Plan your future
  • Springpod – Live and interactive careers talks featuring inspiring career stories and guidance from experts across different fields – from technology to sport, and everything in between.
  • Get my first job: Vacancies for apprenticeships and advice on how to apply.